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When last did you have a roof inspection undertaken on your property? How well informed are you of its current condition? Is It Safe?

Roofs are the last external part to be installed on a property, so it is easy to assume that once they are on, they will continue to function as intended. While this is true, they are subject to wear and tear, degradation and leaks. Typically once a leak is noticed inside, the damage is too significant. Resulting in huge financial impacts and downtime.

Most of the time, internal damages as a result can be avoided, by undertaking periodic roof inspections. This is a more cost effective solution as they typically don’t take long, nor cost a lot either. What these inspections do however, is provide a detailed and up to date representation of the current condition your property roof is in.

With this information, you can stay informed about any concerns that require addressing, before they become huge burdens.


Roofing tradesmen at Specialist Access Technicians are of the highest calibre, with years of industry experience under their belt. We ensure that all our roofing inspections are done to the highest standards, ensuring each and every detail is noted and recorded. Access to your reports are through our client portal, where everything relating to your projects can be found.

This allows us to provide you with complete transparency regarding your property and what our technicians have been doing. Why not book a free consultation with us today and let us offer you cost effective solutions to your roof inspection requirements.

Inspections Performed

Our decades of roof inspection experience allows us to highlight exactly what the areas of concern are and how to rectify them.

New Slates Installed

It is important to always ensure your gutters and roof edge slates are in perfect working order.


Mortar skews that become ineffective after time start to create leak points. You don't want this too happen!

Roofing Projects Completed

Cracked and damaged roof slates happen when you are unware. This causes internal damage to your property!

Satisfied Clients

Why Choose SAT For Your Roof Inspections

Highly Competent

All inspectors at SAT are time served professionals. This ensures that the quality of inspection and reporting is of the highest standards.

Unrivalled Documentation

Our detailed and comprehensive reports are not only of the highest standards, they are also done to international reporting standards.

Technical Expertise

Years of industry experience has led our technicians to becoming highly sought after technical experts.

Time Saving Solutions

Our inspections pin point problematic areas on your property roof. This eliminates the guess workout of general surveys, resulting in financial impacts.

Relevant standards

Our inspections and recommendations are inline with relevant codes, standards and practices. Our clients can be assured that our recommendations are genuine.

Detailed Inspection

The level of roof inspections at which our technicians perform are second to none. Every detail about the observation is noted and recorded.

Do you want peace of mind having your roof inspected by professionals?

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