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Specialist Access Technicians are a fast paced and dynamic Rope Access company based in Midlothian. We specialize in providing cheaper and quicker alternatives to conventional work at height methods such as scaffolding or cherry pickers. Our technicians have extensive experience in all aspects of building work and take great pride in the quality of work they deliver.

It is through this extensive experience that we are able to offer our clients customized solutions to their work at height requirements. We understand that work on their property can feel intrusive. For this reason we conduct our work with compassion, understanding and minimal interruptions to daily activities.

“My passion is offering our clients cost effective and time saving solutions to their work at height requirements”

Chris Fox – Founder of SAT

Delivering The Best To Our Clients!

Each technician at SAT are of the highest calibre and are passionate about everything they do. Our clients are the backbone of our company and their satisfaction is of the highest importance to us. We are not only experts in our field, but also friendly, courteous and supportive.

What matters to our clients, matters to us. Everything we do is in line with their individual requirements and their expectations are exceeded every time. Providing a service to our clients that they can learn to trust, is of paramount importance to us. There is nothing too difficult for us to undertake.


Decades of experience


Customers come first


Quality work every time


Why Choose SAT?


We pride ourselves on being honest with our clients, ensuring they are always kept up to date regarding the project we are undertaking on their behalf


Our extensive industry experience has afforded us the ability to operate in most conditions, utilizing safe and efficient techniques to complete projects on time


Time served professionals, with a combined experience of  over 40 decades, showcases us as industry leaders. This experience is at the fingertips of our clients


Each technician at SAT are not only passionate about their work, but they also take pride in what they do. Our clients feel this every time we are on their property


All tradesmen at SAT are all time served professionals with vast experience in their field of expertise. The experience manifests itself in the quality of work we deliver


Our clients have access to their own portal in which they can access all aspects of their projects, documents, reports and work history with us

Our Specialities


Building Maintenance Types Offered by SAT

Specialist Access Technicians understand the importance of building maintenance and ensuring the structure is always in a safe, well maintained condition. Our team of expert professionals offer the following types of building maintenance to our clients:

  • Scheduled Maintenance
  • Reactive Maintenance
  • Planned Maintenance
  • Proactive Maintenance
  • Preventative Maintenance


Decades of Inspection Experience

All inspectors at Specialist Access Technicians are certified and competent inspectors, compiling reports to international reporting standards and to HSE and Government legislation. Below are the following types of inspections we at SAT offer our clients:

  • Roof Inspections
  • Building & Structural Inspections
  • Stonework Inspections
  • Dropped Object Surveys
  • Lifting Equipment Inspections


IRATA Qualified Rope Access Technicians

All of our IRATA qualified Rope Access Technicians have decades of industry experienced and are trained to the highest standards. With our combined experience of accessing hard to reach places utilizing Rope Access, we guarantee our clients will benefit from the services we have to offer them.

  • Saving our Clients Time & Money
  • Reducing Carbon Footprint
  • Minimizing Downtime & Environmental Impact
  • Low intrusive access and work methods

SAT Offer Cost Effective Solutions

Specialist Access Technicians offer our clients cost effective solutions to their work at height requirements. By utilizing Rope Access as a means of access, our clients benefit from time saving solutions.

This allows their projects to be completed in a much more efficient and cost effective manner. Unlike traditional work at height methods such as scaffolding or cherry pickers.

We understand that works being done on a property impedes on the privacy of the tenants.

For this reason we ensure that all our work is conducted in a way that minimizes the impact on the privacy of the occupants, minimizes the disruption to their daily activities and reduces noise at all times.

Specialist Access Technicians

Why Rope Access is More Beneficial

Using Rope Access, allows the technicians to access the work area from the top. This minimizes the requirement for machine operated plant, which in turn reduces environmental impact such as noise, vibrations and toxic fumes.

The versatility Rope Access provides, is the ability to access any area in a safe and controlled manner. Regardless of where the location is, Rope Access rigging techniques allows technicians to access to most hard to reach or narrowest of areas.

Rope Access allows technicians to access work sites in a number or ways, which conventional work at height methods to not. Technicians can safely climb to almost location they need to be, or the can utilize stairs, lifts and ladders to access areas where they can rig a set of ropes, and repel down to the location they are required to work at.

As there is no requirement for ground setup, Rope Access saves time by utilizing existing access methods, such as ladders, stairs or lifts to gain access to the top of the building and rig the ropes or rigging system required to access the work site. Once this is setup, all the technicians need do is to repel down and start work.

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Specialist Access Technicians - your partner at height

We pride ourselves on our ability to perform and deliver exactly how I clients was us to. Reducing them costs and time, whilst safely and efficiently completing their work at height projects.

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What Makes Us Different?

Specialist Access Technicians have adopted a work philosophy that encompasses hard work, professionalism, understanding and expertise. Having worked in some of the harshest environments, the technicians at SAT know how to get a job done. Safely and Efficiently!