Stonework Inspections

How safe is your property stonework really?

Stonework Inspections are important . They ensure the historic and classic stonework on buildings that we enjoy looking at, remain in a safe condition for years to come!

Often when it comes to stonework on buildings, they are left unattended for years to come. After all, why would stone become unsafe? Like all things in life, they get old and deteriorate. It might not be a fun fact, but unfortunately it is a true fact. We as people take care of ourselves as we grow older, so we can ensure we age gracefully and safely. Stonework is much like this. Without the proper care and attention, it can lead to significant consequences. Carrying out periodic inspections of your property stonework ensures they are always in a safe and protected condition.


By utilizing our stonework inspections services, we can help you identify any deteriorating stonework or defects within your stonework construction. Our inspections are conducted by time served professional tradesmen, who are well versed in the construction of stonework properties and buildings.

The safety of your property is of paramount importance to us and our clients know that. Our inspections speak for themselves. Not only do we visually inspect the stonework, we physically test it as well. This way we can be sure that no movement occurs and that the stone itself is in a safe and secure condition.

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Don't Have Impressive Stonework - That Is Not Safe!

Our passion is classic and historical architecture and we pride ourselves in our ability to identify any areas of concern on all buildings in and around Edinburgh. Let us take a closer look at your stonework and provide you with an in-depth report on the condition it is in

  • We check each stone for movement
  • In-depth checks of joints and skews
  • Look for signs of deterioration, fatigue and defects
  • General stonework construction and areas of concern