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Specialist Access Technicians have been working on roofing slates for over 20 years. Our highly skilled roofing experts are fast becoming the preferred roofing contractors in Edinburgh.

Our clients benefit from our years of industry experience and extensive range of roofing slates services we have to offer them. Specialist Access Technicians have worked on various types of roofs, such as; traditional roofing, flat roofing and singly ply rubber roofing.

This experience allows us to position ourselves as a roofing contractor that clients can rely on. We believe in honesty and transparency with our clients and always ensure they know exactly what is going on with their roof. Our upfront approach stands us apart from other roofing companies.

There are no hidden costs associated with our work and we always explain in detail how we arrive at our prices. Through this approach, our clients know exactly where they stand and the commitment both parties will deliver.


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How Specialist Access Technicians Can Help You

When it comes to roofing slates, it is important to understand the history behind the natural stone and how they operate over time. Roof slates are used on traditional roofs and offer a long lifespan. Sometimes exceeding 100 years if properly maintained and looked after. Of course it is important to understand that while the roof slates may last, the nails do not. Typical slates that are installed on properties are welsh slates and Spanish roof slates.

This is often referred to as “nail sickness” and should be addressed as soon as it becomes visible. Our expert roofers understand all dynamics behind roofing slates and the nuances associated with them. For this reason our clients choose to benefit from our services by requesting we maintain their roof slates.

Our accredited roofers are on standby for same day repairs on your property!

Why Choose Our Roofing Slates Services?

A roof is one of the most important aspects of a property. Without a proper functioning roof, there will be untold problems, heartache, financial impacts and sleepless nights. We understand the importance of a correctly functioning roof and for this reason we ensure our experts are always on standby to help.

Roofs that are poorly maintained are often the ones that prove to be the most troublesome. A roof will do it’s job, if it is looked after and maintained. Unfortunately in our experience, we often see that this is not the case. With our professionals having worked on all roof types, we are able provide our clients with cost effective solutions to their roofing slates requirements.

This benefits our clients as we are able to diagnose roof slate problems quickly and efficiently. This saves on time and costs for our clients.

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Our teams can undertake all aspects of slate roof tiles work scopes with speed and efficiency. But most importantly, we work diligently to perform all our work to the highest safety standards. This is illustrated in our exemplary safety record we have accrued over the years.

When you are looking for a roofing contractor that you can trust, understand that our clients are at the core of our operations. Their individual needs and requirements are met every time we complete a roof slate project on their behalf.

We have positioned ourselves as the roofing contractors choice when it comes to slate repairing, slate replacement, roof slate inspection and slate installation. Get in touch with us today regarding your roof slate requirements.

Roofing Slates Services SAT Offer

Your property is your biggest asset, and we at Specialist Access Technicians understand this. Roof slates are a naturally produced mineral and will stand the test of time if they are looked after and cared for. Replacing roof slates can be a costly thing, but this can be avoided if proper maintenance and upkeep are undertaken.

It is for this reason Specialist Access Technicians offer different roof slate services to assist our clients in ensuring their slate roofs are always kept in the best condition.

Roof Slates Inspection

While roof slates will last, they do require regular maintenance and intervention as required. This is where roof slates inspection comes in, as they allow the technicians to sport potential problems as they arise.

In this way, these minor problems can be dealt with before they become bigger concerns.

Roof Slates Replacing

Our roofing experts can replace roof slates as they deteriorate, become disconnected or are damaged. These localized slate repairs can save money in the long run and keep your slate roof tiles in a good working condition.

Sometimes however, the condition of the roof is significantly deteriorated and a complete re-slate will be required. This is not always the case, but it does happen.

Roof Slates Maintenance

Specialist Access Technicians will maintain your roof slates so they will last longer on your roof. This entails annual inspections to ensure no deterioration is occurring and if any intervention is required. We act on all findings we observe and bring this to the attention of the client immediately so action can be taken.

We have the experience and technical capabilities to access any roof surface. Regardless of it’s location and level.

What Our Satisfied Clients Have To Say!

I have recently used Specialist Access Technicians to do work on the roof of a building in Edinburgh's New Town. We needed to get the gutters cleaned and additional maintenance done to the roof. I found Chris very professional and easy to deal with. He provided excellent and detailed reports which made it much easier to get agreement from the other flat owners. He did the work on time and to budget. I will use the company again and can recommend their services.
Kate Macintosh
Edinburgh Client
Roof Slating & Stonework
Chris and his team were fantastic, punctual, polite, informative and respectful of our property, it’s tenants and it’s surrounds throughout the work we had done. I would thoroughly recommend and will be definitely be calling upon them again when future work is required.
Ben Caro
Edinburgh Client
Roof Slating
After years of dealing with problematic tradesman it was a joy to have Chris and his team deal with our decaying and choked gutters and drainpipes. Excellent communication throughout the whole process, we were kept fully informed at every stage as to what was being done. They were fast, efficient, safety conscious and very courteous. Can't recommend highly enough.
Matt Pringle
Edinburgh Client
Gutter Replacement

Our accredited roofers are on standby for same day repairs on your property!