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Specialist Access Technicians offer roof cleaning services at a fraction of the cost of conventional roof cleaning. We do this by providing our clients with cost effective solutions to their roof cleaning requirements.

All of our roofing experts are rope access qualified. This means that we do not require the use of cherry pickers or scaffolding. We are able to access any part of the roof efficiently, effectively and with minimal ground footprint. We also eliminate environmental impact from exhaust fumes and noise.

Providing cost effective roof cleaning services to our clients!

Having a roof that looks clean is one thing, but there is much more than just having a clean roof tiles. A roof is the most important of the property. It keeps a watertight seal over the house and this seal should be protected at all times. The roof is exposed to the elements all the time. Regardless of the time of year.

For this reason it is important to ensure your roof is free from moss and algae. Not all roofs are exposed to direct sunlight and there are areas that are prone to remaining damp. Especially the areas that are in constant shade.

Areas that are prone to damp are often the ones that suffer moss and algae growth. Whereas areas that are in constant direct sunlight are affected with discoloration and brittleness.

Here are some reasons why you should use Specialist Access Technicians to undertake roof cleaning on your property roof:

  • Avoid costly damages – Moss and algae can cause water blockages and overspills which damage your property
  • Eliminate bacteria and insects – Growth, moss or algae areas can become breeding grounds for insects and bacteria
  • Save £££s on new roof – By keeping your roof clean and moss free you can avoid having to install a new roof entirely
  • Reduce roof tile degradation – The elements can impact the roof surface in a bad way if the roof is not protected and cleaned.
  • Extend the life of your roof – A clean and maintained roof will extend the life span of your roof tiles
  • Identify early faults – Once we start cleaning your roof tiles, our roofing experts can assess the current condition of your roof.
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Roof Cleaning Specialists

Expert roof and gutter cleaners

Our highly skilled roofing experts work tirelessly to ensure we undertake all roof cleaning services on our customers roof in a safe, courteous and professional manner!

Our team of experts use the best roof cleaning equipment and roof cleaning tools to ensure complete moss removal from your roof. Ensuring moss is properly cleaned and treated will ensure your moss does not return.

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Cost effective roof cleaning solutions

Our teams of roofing experts are always on standby to clean your roof. We want you to be proud of your roof and secure in knowing your roof cleaning requirements have been taken care of by professionals!

I have recently used Specialist Access Technicians to do work on the roof of a building in Edinburgh's New Town. We needed to get the gutters cleaned and additional maintenance done to the roof. I found Chris very professional and easy to deal with. He provided excellent and detailed reports which made it much easier to get agreement from the other flat owners. He did the work on time and to budget. I will use the company again and can recommend their services.
Kate Macintosh
Edinburgh Client
Roof Slating & Stonework
Chris and his team were fantastic, punctual, polite, informative and respectful of our property, it’s tenants and it’s surrounds throughout the work we had done. I would thoroughly recommend and will be definitely be calling upon them again when future work is required.
Ben Caro
Edinburgh Client
Roof Slating
After years of dealing with problematic tradesman it was a joy to have Chris and his team deal with our decaying and choked gutters and drainpipes. Excellent communication throughout the whole process, we were kept fully informed at every stage as to what was being done. They were fast, efficient, safety conscious and very courteous. Can't recommend highly enough.
Matt Pringle
Edinburgh Client
Gutter Replacement

Why roof moss removal is important?

Moss build up on your roof can lead to significant roof and gutter cleaning issues. When moss builds up on the roof, it does not allow the water to flow freely down the roof slates services, roofing valleys, gutters and downpipes. Water that starts pooling in certain areas and does not drain effectively triggers a series of problems.

The more water builds up in areas (especially in gutters and around downpipe connections), the more debris gets caught as well. This can lead to water spilling over the edge of the gutters and over flowing over either side of the gutter edges.

Roof Cleaning Importance

Cascading water down the front of the gutter edges is a problem, but not as much as when water flows between the gutter and roof edges. This over flowing water starts to penetrate the internal area of the attic and cavities between the walls and stonework. This causes internal damage, such as rot and damp.

These internal problems often don’t show themselves until it is too late. You can avoid these issues by having Specialist Access Technicians take care of your roof cleaning requirements.

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Specialist Access Technicians have a large and dynamic work force that are able to service all regions in and around Edinburgh. Our friendly teams of roofing experts are always on standby to ensure your roof is clean and treated so you don’t have to worry about it.


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Cost effective roof cleaning solutions

Our teams of roofing experts are always on standby to clean your roof. We want you to be proud of your roof and secure in knowing your roof cleaning requirements have been taken care of by professionals!