Stonework and Repairs

Why replace your stone when you can repair them?
Your stonework represents the classic architecture for which is was first built.  Don’t let this magnificent stonework let your property down!

It is quick to think that stone needs to be replaced when something is wrong or missing from it. But this isn’t always the case. Most times, the stone can be repaired in situ. So why lose that awesome feel your building has, by replacing the stone.

Stonemasons at Specialist Access Technicians love working on classic and historic architectural buildings and properties. With years of industry experience, it is no wonder our masons are such a highly sought after commodity.


  • Are cracks visible on your property? We will address each crack accordingly and close them up!
  • When last did you check for unsafe stonework? Let us survey your stonework for you.
  • Do you have unsightly stonework that needs addressing? Don’t hesitate! We will get it sorted!
  • Are there damages to your natural stone? Our masons are ready to set it right!

Benefits Of Lime Pointing

It's Self Healing

In the event of hairline cracks developing, the lime based mortar is able to seal cracks with a combination of lime, moisture and carbon dioxide in the air.

Superior Strength

Its versatile and dynamic when subjected to structural movement, making it more accomodatig.

High Water Retention

Lime based mortar reduces cracking and water ingress into joints

Freeze Thaw Resistant

This benefit of using lime is that it allows any moisture to evaporate from the mortar

Excellent Workability

Lime based mortar is not only excellent to work with, but it is also versatile, allowing perfect application every time

Looking to get some stonework done? We will be happy to help!

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Will Your Repairs Match?

The stonemasons at SAT are highly skilled and experienced, so they are able to accurately match lime repairs to the existing stonework. Our masons use standard tools to complete repairs, but this is only due to their extensive knowledge about stonework and lime repairs.

Lime is a binder in mortar mixes and has been used as such for many centuries. Back to when stone was first started as a means of construction. It is also has exceptional breathability as one of its many benefits. This allows it to avoid dampness, decay or sagging.


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