Building Inspections

How often is your building maintained? - Don't Risk It!
Specialist Access Technicians offer specialized building inspections and condition surveys to our clients to ensure their building is safe.

Once a building has been erected, it is often forgotten from the outside. After all, stone should last inevitably right? Unfortunately this is not always the case. Over time, the sand, stone and rendering start to weaken. Especially if they have not been maintained correctly. Not to mention built from poor quality materials to start with.

SAT stonemasons are all time served professionals who are fully IRATA certified Rope Access Technicians. With this level of competency, we are able to undertake our clients work at height requirements. All our technicians have a passion for Scottish heritage and architecture and perform their inspections with knowledge, experience and professionalism.


  • Years Of Experience. Our company houses vast inspection experience.
  • Dedicated Teams. No inspection is too mundane for our stonemasons
  • Highest Standards. We guarantee that all our work will be conducted to the highest standards.

Detailed Reporting

All our inspections are detailed in our comprehensive and highly sought after reporting system.

Chartered Surveyors

We work closely with chartered building surveyors, which allows us to carry out in-depth building inspections and surveys.

Video Inspections

We use videos to record movement in stonework and rendering, so our clients can see first hand the severity of the stonework.

Photographic Surveys

We use photographs for evidence based reporting systems. This allows our clients to gain a clearer understanding.

Time Served Professionals

We ensure that our inspections are done by experienced professionals at all times.

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Physical Inspections

While visual inspections are effective in nature, physically checking something gives a much clearer understanding of the condition the structure or stonework is in. We at SAT physically check the external areas of the property and provide video footage of any movement we encounter.

This allows our clients to see exactly what is going on, with regards to their property when we have completed our inspections.

Loose Chimney Pots

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