Cost Effective Building Repair Solutions

Finding the right building repair solutions for your property can be difficult or even costly. But there are things that you should take into consideration before accepting a quote. In this post, I will explain to you how Specialist Access Technicians can offer you cost effective solutions to your building repair requirements.

To make an informed decision about accepting quotes from a building maintenance company, you should start with the most important part. What type of access is required to reach the location in which repairs are required. This is often very underestimated.

I have listed three of the most utilized methods for accessing areas which are located at height:

  • Rope Access
  • Scaffolding
  • Cherry Pickers

Each of these access methods have their own merits and some will be more preferential over the other for specific work types.

For example, complete stonework repairs will require scaffolding rather than rope access or cherry pickers. However, for mortar work, sealing, minor stonework repairs, rope access would be more viable and cost-effective solution.

Building Repair Solutions for You!

Choosing the right solution for your property or building will depend on the work that is required. This is often the costliest part of the job, which is gaining access to the area requiring repairs.

When looking to have building repairs done on your property, here are some things (but not exhaustive) to consider before approaching a building maintenance company.

  • Type of repair work required
  • Location of work on or around property
  • Staff working times and noise interference
  • Ground footprint
  • Permit and permission requirements
  • Restricted access
  • Foot and vehicle traffic

Each contracting company that provides access methods for each of the three types mentioned above will advocate the benefits to the client. And rightly so! Business is business! But our aim at Specialist Access Technicians is to provide our clients with cost effective solutions to their requirements.

Building-Repair-ServicesHow SAT Can Help You?

Specialist Access Technicians have years of industry experience in working on all types of buildings and properties in and around Edinburgh. Our highly sought-after time served tradesmen, work tirelessly to ensure our clients expectations are met every time.

SAT utilize the latest in Rope Access techniques and methods for accessing hard to reach areas. These techniques allow our technicians to access areas quicker than conventional methods such as scaffolding.

In addition to more efficient means of accessing work areas, our industry experience allows our technicians to work more effectively. Having worked on an array of different repair and construction projects, our specialists are able to diagnose and close out repairs safely and efficiently.

Below is a list of some of the building maintenance and repairs our technicians have undertaken.

While Specialist Access Technicians offer cost effective building repair solutions, maintaining your property is key to reducing costs and downtime. Find out more about our Top 5 Building Property Maintenance Tips and how you can keep on top of your property all year round.

So Which Is The Right Option For You?

The right option would be a solution that completes the work, on time, on budget, safely and professionally. But this is often difficult to determine when choosing the right building maintenance company or roofing contractors.

Transparency is important between a contractor and the client. That is why Specialist Access Technicians take pride in providing our clients with complete transparency throughout the stages of the job.

We ensure we understand exactly what our client’s needs, and requirements are before we provide them with a proposal for completing the work.

Our aim is to provide our clients with cost effective building repair solutions, and this means offering them the best methods possible.

Each method for accessing the work locations will be assessed and decision made based on their individual merits and presented to the client.

Delivering On Expectations

For us to deliver the work on time and on budget, we need to have a clear understanding of the requirements and expectations our clients have of us.

We achieve this, by meeting with out clients and discussing in detail what is required. Not only do we ensure our clients have complete faith in our ability to deliver on their expectations, but we take the time to visit them.

All our time served professionals work to the highest standards and always ensure our work is delivered in a courteous and friendly manner.

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